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It’s time to Plan Your Next Vacation!

It’s time to Plan Your Next Vacation!

In the last few weeks I’ve been speaking with friends who have been actively looking to book their summer vacations. I’m not sure if it's the unusually warm winter we’re having here in Connecticut or just the realization that spring is right around the corner, but summer is on all of our minds.The anticipation of taking time with family and friends to relax, recharge and explore is exciting. All of these recent discussions have Matt and I reminiscing, laughing, and nostalgic about the family vacations we took as kids. They didn’t always go according to plan, but in looking back, that’s what made our memories so fun!


Spending multiple days or weeks with your siblings definitely has its pros and cons. Of course the benefit is there was someone else to play with, but even that can get old quickly. Car rides were always a treat too, ha, ha. My dad (and many other dads) used to say “I’m not stopping, we’re making good time” (we even created mugs that say this!) He would do whatever he could to rush the driving portion of our trips; with all the fighting over who had an extra inch of space on the seat or who’s toy was encroaching on the other’s section - it was more than he could stand - as he puffed on a Kool’s menthol cigarette. He tried to drown out the noise while he played talk radio or a sports game on the radio - the volume was up very high (in his defense, we’re a loud bunch, even now!) We were climbing over the top of the seats to find our favorite snacks, beverages… someone would no doubt accidentally kick someone in the head - all while driving 80mph down the highway!  Looking back we have to wonder how we survived our youth when compared to today’s youth. Things are much more civilized now. Kids sit in car seats, they have individual ipads, cell phones or videos, parents carry organic and healthy snacks… Obviously these are much better choices for our kids, but I’m pretty sure their stories will not compare to the stories we have from the family road trips back in the day!


The point is, wherever you are traveling, whatever you are planning to do plan to relax and have fun. Enjoy planning your next vacation too. Did you know that according to a study published in the journal Applied Research in Quality of Life, that just planning or anticipating your trip can make you happier than actually taking it!  It’s true, so even if you can’t take a vacation for a while, start planning it anyway.  Take a peek at our Traveler’s collection and find something new to take with you.  Take 20% between now and March 15 with code “VACATION” at checkout.  As always, shipping is free with purchases totaling over $75.00.  We hope you find something to make you smile.


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