USA Flags Proudly Made In Maine, USA - 2 Sizes!


Show your stars and stripes in style. Made with quality fabric that lasts, our flags have french seams for extended durability, embroidered star field and nickel-plate grommets – all 100% Made in America. American flags are made at Maine Stitching in their factory, so you know they are made with premium quality materials by skilled craftspeople.

These durable American Flags are made of Quality, All American-Made materials by Craftsman in Maine.

Flags come in two sizes:

2' x 3'  - This USA Flag is perfect for Pole Height of 3-6 feet - Generally suitable for a House Mount, Boats and RV's

3' x 5' - This USA Flag works for Pole Heights of 15'-20'; this is the most common Flag size, suitable for House Mount, Yards and Business.

Piper and Dune proudly donates $2 for every flag sold to the Griffin J. Namin Memorial Foundation. Griffin was a Young American Patriot who lived a passionate, brave and courageous life. Griffin lost his battle with brain cancer at only 21 years old on June 26, 2019 - well before he could finish pursuing his dream of becoming a U.S. Senator someday. Griffin loved God, his family and friends and he loved this country with every ounce of his being. We know Griffin would be proud to know our flags are made in America, by Americans, and we are proud to support him by donating to the causes that meant so much to him.