2023 Limited Edition Wildlife Calendar | D. Noel Imagery

2023 Limited Edition Wildlife Calendar | D. Noel Imagery

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NEW! Bring the WILD inside all year long with this 2023 Limited Edition "On The Wild Side" calendar for your home or office, dorm room or workshop, any room!

Excited to offer something new this year! Each 11 x 8.5 calendar includes 29 unique images of wild animals photographed on the east coast—on land, sea and in the air. Every image illuminates the essence of wildlife in their natural habitat, capturing moments in time that can be enjoyed forever. 

Printed in full color on high quality paper stock. Ships flat. Arrives in a clear, protective, sealed sleeve. 

This year they were able to make a $4000 donation to Bent of The River Audubon Center (Southbury, CT) in support of their Junior Forest Technician program and conservation efforts to protect and preserve the 700 acre nature sanctuary and all of her inhabitants.


About the Photographer

Growing up in Western NY, the birthplace of Kodak—once a single white building at the end of our small, organic farm—I may have been born with photography in my blood. At the very least, I was a lover of nature and animals, as were my Mom and her parents, my loving trifecta who taught me about farming and wildlife, especially birds.

My passion for recording our family life through photography was passed along to me and my siblings by my Gramma. She captured moments in time with still photos and 8mm films, turning them into forever memories for everyone to enjoy for years to come.

She gave me my first camera—a Kodak Ektralite 10 with a built-in electronic flash and sliding cover to protect the lens and viewfinder. Film and processing were expensive, so using it was done with great restraint. In my early 20s, I was given a Nikon FG-20 which fueled my desire to pursue photography professionally—shooting sports events, family portraits, and weddings the first 10 years. The view through my Nikon, my trusted travel companion, was how I framed the world around me.

Today, when I’m behind the camera, my primary focus is migrating and local birds, roaming wildlife, everything that inhabits the great outdoors. As a wildlife conservation photographer, it's my passion to illuminate the essence of wildlife in natural habitats. My hope is for you to feel the pure joy I do when I capture these moments in time and "bring the wild inside" to share with you. - Danielle