Southbury Through Time: Remnants of Our Past - Paperback

Southbury Through Time: Remnants of Our Past - Paperback

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Southbury Through Time: Remnants of Our Past presents the quest to find vestiges of Southbury's existence from the earliest settlers in their everyday life, through religion, education, industry, and transportation. The town's location at the end of the Pomperaug Valley and situated along numerous water sources has made it an ideal crossroad throughout history.

The intersection of the north-south and east-west paths brought growth opportunities to the town along with manufacturing and a convergence of cultures. The railroad brought Southbury from a town of farmers to an industrial center bringing immigrants to settle here, mingling with historical families. Each culture has added a richness to the town's character.

From the time the Natives arrived and the settlers walked into the valley, clues were left behind about how their early societies functioned and how individuals lived their lives. As we look around modern-day Southbury, we can still see pieces of the various stages of growth. Some have said that nothing interesting ever happened in Southbury, but if one looks closely, its secrets will be revealed through the remnants of our past.


128 pages

6.5 x 0.31 x 9.25 inches