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Experience the Magic of Connecticut Fall Festivals

Experience the Magic of Connecticut Fall Festivals

As the summer heat begins to wane and the first golden leaves appear, Connecticut transforms into a captivating wonderland of fall colors and festivities. September begins a season where crisp air and pumpkin-spiced treats reign supreme. If you’re looking to immerse yourself in the enchanting colors of autumn fully, look no further than the numerous fairs and festivals that grace New England starting with the iconic Big E in West Springfield, Mass. The Eastern States Exposition is a New England treasure filled where all the New England states are represented. However, we’re going to make some recommendations a little closer to home, here are just some of the many 2023 fairs in Connecticut in the next several weeks you can bring the whole family to…

🍂Haddam Neck Fair 

📍Haddam Neck, CT 

🕐September 1-4 

🍂Woodstock Fair 

📍South Woodstock, CT 

🕐September 1-4 

🍂Goshen Fair 

📍Goshen, CT 

🕐September 2-4 

🍂Hebron Harvest Fair 

📍Hebron, CT 

🕐September 7-10 

🍂North Haven Fair 

📍North Haven, CT 

🕐September 7-10 

🍂Wapping Fair 

📍South Windsor, CT 

🕐September 7-10 


🍂Orange County Fair

📍Orange, CT

🕐September 16-17


🍂Bethlehem Fair

📍Bethlehem, CT

🕐September 8-10


🍂Guilford Fair

📍Guilford, CT

🕐September 15-17


🍂Durham Fair

📍Durham, CT

🕐 September 21-24


🍂Wolcott Country Fair

📍Wolcott, CT

🕐September 22-24


🍂Garlic Festival

📍Bethlehem, CT

🕐October 7-8


Whether you’re a Connecticut local or a visitor seeking an authentic fall experience, these fairs and festivals are a testament to the state’s rich heritage and sense of community. At Piper and Dune, we encourage you to embrace the magic of September, as you indulge in seasonal delight, and lasting memories, and bask in the enchanting atmosphere that only the fall fairs and festivals of Connecticut can offer. So don your coziest sweater, grab a warm cup of apple cider, and embark on a journey through the heartwarming festivities that await you this September. 

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Emma, Chris, and the Piper and Dune Family

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