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As we eagerly approach the bustling season of St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Graduations, Teacher's Gifts, Nurse's Gifts, Birthdays, New Babies, and more, Piper and Dune® extends an invitation to all non-profit organizations: seize this opportune moment for fundraising and schedule your "SHOP FOR A CAUSE" fundraiser with us today!

Why Now?

  • Abundance of Occasions:

St. Patrick's Day, Easter, and a multitude of celebrations are just around the corner, creating the perfect atmosphere for gift-giving.

  • Convenience of Online Shopping:

Piper and Dune® offers not only in-store shopping at its Southbury, Connecticut location but online shopping too, allowing your supporters to shop conveniently from the comfort of their desks or couches.

  • Increased Shopping Activity:

With numerous events packed into the next few months, people are actively seeking gifts for their loved ones. Capitalize on this surge in shopping to boost your fundraising efforts.

How Piper and Dune® Supports Your Fundraiser:

  • "Pay It Forward" Events:

Take advantage of our "Pay It Forward" events where Piper and Dune® donates 10% of gross revenue for the one day event (24hrs.) to your non-profit organization.

  • Online and In-Store Participation:

Supporters can shop online at or in-store at: Piper and Dune®, 134 Main St. S, #50-E Bennett Square, Southbury, CT 06488.

  • Event Promotion:

The harder you promote this event, the more successful it will be and all you really need to do is get the word out, we do everything else! You also benefit from our active promotion of your fundraising event through our social media channels and website, reaching a wider audience.

How to Get Started:

  1. Contact Us:
  • Now is the perfect time to schedule your "SHOP FOR A CAUSE" program! The most popular day to raise funds are Thursdays. Reach out to us at or call/text us to inquire (203-297-8070) to initiate discussions and to schedule your fundraising event.
  1. Spread the Word:
  • Leverage Piper and Dune®’s promotion efforts with your own channels to maximize awareness and participation.
  1. How It Works:
    • Once your event date is confirmed and you have provided us with your Nonprofit's contact information, including the Employer Identification Number for the 501(C)3, you will be issued a unique Promo Code for your event.
    • Promote the date and event on social media, email, word of mouth… 
    • Customers will convey the Promo Code at checkout to ensure their order is credited toward the fundraising group. The same code will be used online and as an added bonus, when the code is used at the order will not only be credited, but it will also ship FREE - our gift to you.
    • Also, we encourage you to pass out flyers or even set up a table to learn more about your cause.
  2. Make a Difference:
  • By participating in a Piper and Dune® fundraising event, your organization not only raises crucial funds but also engages your community in a meaningful way.

Let's Celebrate Together and Make a Positive Impact!

As the season unfolds with numerous reasons to celebrate, Piper and Dune® is here to help turn those celebrations into opportunities for giving back. Now is the ideal time to schedule your "SHOP FOR A CAUSE" program and join us in making a difference and creating a season of joy for your cause.

Contact us today at or call/text (203)297-8070 and let's embark on this journey of celebration and philanthropy together!