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For the "Mom" That Inspires Us

For the "Mom" That Inspires Us

The lucky ones in the world get to be raised by strong, independent women who they admire and look up to. These women care for us and love us unconditionally. Sometimes that person is a Mother, for others it’s a Grandmother, an Aunt, a Family Friend, a Godmother... and sometimes it’s all of the above. So this Sunday, celebrate your “Mom”. Treat them with all the emotional support and love we can offer them. These women are our rocks, our inspiration, our role models. So wherever your “Mom” is, reach out and let her know how much you care; give her your time, let her know how special she is, because that is what she really wants most of all.

I was lucky enough to be raised by the most amazing woman, my mom Colleen. She’s loving, caring, selfless, strong beyond words, my best teacher, spiritual, charitable, loyal, kind, and passionate. She is my anchor, my biggest fan - wow, the adjectives and accolades could go on for pages and it still wouldn’t be enough - seriously. I know from others that not everyone has an amazing Mom, so I’m really blessed to have her in my life. She was raised by my Grandma Casey who was completely different from my Mom. My Grandma didn’t drive, she relied on my Grandfather to take her places; he made most decisions on her behalf too. Clearly, seeing how dependent my Grandmother was on my Grandpa shaped my Mom’s perspective on how she wanted to live her own life. While she's conservative in her politics, I have come to realize that my Mom is a women's liberal without the need for protest or a label; she is fiercely independent. She also laughs when telling stories about how ridiculous the double standards were in her house, growing up with four brothers. She taught me to get an education, to always be able to take care of myself, to think for myself, to be confident enough to make decisions for myself because that would make me independent. She told me to marry a man because I wanted the man in my life, not because I needed the man in my life. She loved and cared for my dad for 45 years before he passed away. She’s shown me strength and determination time and again.

I cannot write a blog about a woman who has inspired me without mentioning my mother-in-law, DeLoris, whom our family lost to a courageous battle with cancer just last week. I have been surrounded by really strong women throughout my life and she was no exception. I looked up to her and admired her; she overcame so many hurdles in her life and somehow she managed to stay strong and brave. So, to the powerful “Mom” in your life, raise a glass, light a candle, give them a call, if you can… recognize them for helping you to grow, to love, to trust and to be loved. Pass along the best of what they have taught you and love them unconditionally.

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Stay healthy and safe,


Chris and the Piper and Dune Family

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