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Gift Giving Strategy for the Holiday Season: Make Gift Buying Easier This Year!

Gift Giving Strategy for the Holiday Season: Make Gift Buying Easier This Year!

Last year, as one of our first blogs we shared, we gave tips on what to gift your friends and loved ones for the holiday season. That blog received great feedback, so we decided to update it for the year 2020! While this year has been unconventional, one of the few constants has been our love for one another. Here are just a few ways you can express this love to your family and community. Remember a few  weeks ago when I mentioned that shopping early is a good idea this year because of expected shipping delays and reduced retailer inventories due to COVID? Now it’s time for us to talk about what you are going to get your favorite people. Some people I know are the best gift givers, and others feel stressed and see it as a huge hassle. Don’t let the anxiety of your shopping list stop you from enjoying the magic of the season. Piper and Dune has curated some tips to help you prepare and has provided you with recommendations for common recipients :)

First: Make a list of gift recipients  

This includes those people you need or want to buy a gift for. Don’t forget your Hairdresser, Doorman, Teachers, Nurses, Caregivers, your UPS driver, Aunts, Uncles, Bosses, Your Employees, Secret Santa, Grab Bags, your immediate family, and anyone else you want to recognize- shout out to essential workers this year. Typically, I buy 2 to 3 extra hostess-style gifts for any parties or special events you might attend or worse, you forget!

Second: Organize the list by age group because they have different needs and desires depending upon where they are in life:

    1. Babies & Toddlers 
    2. Children
    3. Teens
    4. Young Adults
    5. Singles
    6. Couples
    7. Older Seniors
    8. Pets
    9. Other - This is generic grouping for grab bags, hostess gifts, secret santa’s - recipients you may not know well or at all.

Next: Come up with a “theme” gift idea that you can apply to each of the groups, see some of the ideas below to get you thinking about a theme for your crew. Gifts can be totally different and personalized within the theme. For example, “American Pride theme” - Patrick prefers baseball hats so I’ll get him an American Flag hat with a Flag Golf Putter Headcover, Sarah likes apparel, so she will get a Kiel James Patrick “Old Glory Sweater”, Matt  keeps misplacing his keys (LOL!), so he’ll get a Smather’s and Branson Key Fob with a Flag on it and Grandma Colleen will get a new American Flag for her house. The point is that these themes help you to narrow the scope of what you are looking to buy for each person on your list. In this case I was looking for things that are All American, so that I can zero in on specific items right away. Alternatively you can just buy everyone the same Patriotic item.

Here’s some other themes to get your creativity flowing:

Regardless of how you decide to build your list, I hope you smile often throughout the season.

Happy Holidays + Good Riddance to 2020!


Christine Curtis

Piper and Dune … Explore What Excites You!

P.S. If you are in the Southbury, CT area please stop by our pop-up shop which is now open!


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