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Happy New Year to all!

Happy New Year to all!

Happy New Year to all of you! 

As Team Piper lead, I’m taking a little time to disconnect, clear my head, put my feet in the sand and come up for air. Thank you to all our amazing customers for your support this year and for the very best hard-working team, Team Piper. Without them it’s just not Piper and Dune. 

Mid-January starts with trade shows and other events to help us restock the store, but for now we are reflecting on the whirlwind that was 2023! Time's got this magical way of feeling both eternal and fleeting, right? 🌪️📆 But amidst the rush, here we are – ready to embrace a fresh start!

Team Piper and Dune is taking these big, luxurious New Year's breaths today and inhaling the possibilities, we are diving into the coming year with intention, purpose, and a dash of adventure.

Here are a few things we're aiming for in 2024:

  1. **Community Connection:** Let's strengthen our ties, build those bridges, and create moments that bring us all even closer together. Piper and Dune is more than our brand name, we're a community, and we want to make those connections shine brighter this year!
  1. **Innovation Exploration:** The world's buzzing with fresh ideas and new ways of doing things. We're eager to explore, innovate, and maybe even surprise ourselves with some daring ventures and collaborations along the way.
  1. **Made In The USA:** We’ve heard you… we will keep striving to find more brands that make their products in the USA! If you have a favorite brand, please let us know by emailing us at:
  1. **Joyful Journeys:** Life's an adventure, and we're packing our bags (metaphorically and otherwise) for some incredible journeys this year. Expect us to be there to bring you along for the ride – maybe virtually or with some fun Pop Up surprises! I’ll post some pictures the Caribbean, and maybe Emma and Sophia can post some fun travel photos from their upcoming trips to Europe too… whatever and wherever… we hope you EXPLORE WHAT EXCITES YOU!

2024's a blank canvas, stay tuned for more updates, peeks behind the scenes, and moments that'll make you smile. 

Cheers to a bright, happy and healthy new year! We hope you have a phenomenal year ahead! 🎉✨ 

Chris and The Piper and Dune Team

#NewYearIntentions #PiperAndDuneAdventure


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