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Lift Your Quarantine Mood!

Lift Your Quarantine Mood!

It’s no secret that we are feeling the full range of the emotional spectrum while the world faces a pandemic and even while most of us are planning to come out of quarantine, we’ve been through the emotional and sometimes physical ringer. Some of us have been scared to go to work each day, we fear for our own health and that of our loved ones, some of us grieve the loss of our freedom to roam and travel, some are facing an unexpected sense  of loneliness, some of us are just stir crazy, some are facing the sadness of losing a loved one; and the majority of us are starting to feel the most universal emotions of them all - Zoom fatigue!

What are the antidotes to all of this? While socially distant walking, podcasts, workout videos, yoga, tai chi or binging on a box of Oreos might spark a moment’s joy, so might a yummy cocktail or other splurge. Give yourself permission to laugh; enjoy an hour chatting about something fun that isn’t COVID-19 related. Here’s some fun topics that pull from happier days to fuel a socially-distant driveway happy hour or social hour at the park, or your next slightly chilly family bonfire, after all we don’t have that many blockbuster stories after being socially distant these last few months:

Time to celebrate those Spring blooms outside your kitchen window! Until now spring may have been synonymous with Zyrtec; instead have one of these crowd pleasing cocktails.

  • Hats Off Julep - This will take you back to your one horse race. At Saratoga, wishing it was the Kentucky Derby perhaps?
  • Moscow Mule - Just because you aren’t at a metropolitan bar doesn’t mean you can’t channel your younger self. Turn on your favorite song and sing along!
  • Spring Sangria - This is perfect for sitting in your old slightly ripped tailgating chair and reminiscing about that one time you studied abroad.

For some of us, Spring is long gone and the 80+ temps have hurdled us from what was just March ( I swear!) to the dog days of Summer. Whether you are trying to soak up all the UV on your patio, neighbor’s pool, or roasting marshmallows at a local campsite - these drinks are for you.

  • Strawberry Basil Spritzer - Take yourself to a picnic on the Charles River or to your childhood beach spot. This drink takes me back to the Mohegan Bluffs in Block Island.
  • Watermelon Margarita - This one doesn’t need an explanation, we know why Margs are great :)

And for when your mood matters more than the temp outside…

  • You just got dumped. Cue up a bottle of wine in your wine caddy, your favorite cozy T-shirt, a tub of Ben & Jerry’s, a box of tissues, your favorite pet or stuffed animal, and a date with the TV. Feeling better already?
  • When you need an after work pick-me-up. it’s been a long, long Friday at work, your boss was a total nightmare, and you have two huge suitcases under your eyes. Ahhh… delight yourself in an Espresso Martini, a Cold Brew or Bold Kombucha Tea, wipe your face down with some refreshing toner or other skincare products – a quick pick-me-up to make you feel alive.
  • In desperate need of a date night that isn’t watching Netflix? Plan a romantic day-time date, Italian style. Toast and cheer each other on your rooftop or patio, and don’t forget to bring your Piper and Dune wine cups! It started with a huge advertising campaign, and now it’s imprinted in our minds; sun’s out = Aperol Spritzes all ’round!

The point is we’ve all been through a lot. We’ve been on toilet paper rations, we can’t wear our favorite red lipstick because it sticks to our face mask, and we miss giving our friends a hug… it’s okay to indulge once in a while!

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Sarah and The Piper and Dune Family

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