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Love For New England

Love For New England

Happy Friday! I don’t know about you, but I am ready for the weekend!

In last week’s blog I shared with our subscribers how Piper and Dune was started online and the journey we’ve been on to launch our brick and mortar store this past February. I received a lot of feedback from our customers about that, so I thought we would further that discussion this week by sharing “Our Story.”

Piper and Dune is the culmination of a lifelong dream of mine and Matt’s to open a business dedicated to all the things we love about New England. After spending eight glorious days relaxing on the beach in 2018 with some of our oldest friends, we were completely overcome with nostalgic childhood memories. The adventures we have experienced as children and young adults in this region still held a special place in our hearts. We wanted to share or in some cases remind others of all the wonderful things New England has to offer- their style, their traditions and their favorite recreational pastimes. It was this trip down memory lane when we decided that it was time for the two of us to take a chance and create a store that carries products that are common to people in this region. Matt, named the business Piper and Dune, to reflect our love of the seashore (it’s short for sandpiper and sand dune) and with that, we started our journey…

We both grew up in Connecticut and spent what felt like endless summers building sandcastles, camping and fishing on the beaches and lake sides along the New England coastline. As we got older we would spend the long warm summer nights with our friends gathering around a bonfire on the beach or swimming in the salty water as the evening sun set behind us. We wanted to create a store that inspires others to bring back the memories of those special places too. And to help set the setting for new lasting memories by offering New England inspired goods to our customers so they can live the lifestyle every day.

We cannot help but smile when we recall the ferry rides we took- visiting the beaches on the Connecticut shoreline, Candlewood lake, Maine, Cape Cod, Block Island or camping in Narragansett. There were many trips piling into our family’s station wagons, squeezing in between umbrellas, coolers, bags with blankets and towels, and driving to all points north and east to finally feel our feet in the warm sand (I’m ready to jump in the car right now thinking about this!) We’d break out our coolers filled with our favorite beverages and snacks, and play the hottest music of the day on our 8-Track or Cassette players. We’d meet with our friends to go clamming, boating, sailing, tubing, skiing, bike riding… Having the time of our lives doing the simplest things, but in the best company. In the evening we’d watch fireworks on the beach or go to a drive-in movie. In the colder months we were always sledding, building igloo forts, skiing and playing pond hockey. It was simpler times; nobody needed to track us down, because there were no cell phones, nobody was micromanaging our schedules — it was FREEDOM in its purest form! 

At Piper and Dune we want you to continue to share special occasions with friends and family and we can help make your days extra memorable. Our quality products are designed to make you feel comfortable, yet still smart and stylish, and those items might even help to remind you or a friend of your favorite New England destination whenever you pick them up.

But for these memories to be available in the future we need to take care of the environment and to keep our beaches and water clean. For me and Matt our favorite memories tend to take place in and around the water. For that reason, we strive to carry an assortment of products that help further these causes near to our hearts. Every time you purchase one of these items, you too are helping to make a difference. Together we can protect those places and the people we love, and we can help make these experiences possible for coming generations (we’ve written a separate blog that summarizes the contributions that many of the companies we work with are doing to give back.)

At Piper and Dune you will find a wide variety of products from super soft t-shirts, jewelry, gifts and accessories to carefully curated products for your home or outdoors - for men, women and baby. We hope that when you shop at Piper and Dune, wear our apparel, or use our products, you will take a moment to escape your busy daily life, smile and pass along the good vibes! 

After visiting Piper and Dune in-store or on-line, we hope you are inspired to create new memories in this great region of NEW ENGLAND! 

Don’t miss our 6-month anniversary sale! Shop the SALE COLLECTION now through 7/30/21 and save 25% off hundreds of products. Also, coming 7/30, for two weeks only, we will be having a Luken + Co Trunk Show where we will be featuring a full line assortment of crossbody bags, totes, handbags, shoulder bags and more. Be sure to mark your calendars, more information is coming on this!!!

P.S. If you are having a Summer Olympics party, don’t forget your Red, White and Blue to support the USA! Shop the American Pride Collection!

Have a great weekend.

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Chris and The Piper and Dune Family


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