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Saturday Nights

Saturday Nights

Saturday Nights


The hustle and bustle of the holidays this month has me feeling like everyday is a Saturday night out. The month of December is full of celebrations, family, and the promise of what is to come. We tip our hats to the highs and lows of the year, promising ourselves that next week – or next year will bring promise for the life we’ve dreamed for ourselves and others.

It seems like Saturdays; we save the magic for one month each year. We give with abandon, gather with family and friends, and indulge. What if we made more of an effort to live like this throughout the year? How would our lives and others’ change?

My parents have always been believers in living in the moment; leaning into passion and allowing themselves to make decisions on a whim. For instance, one Thanksgiving my parents took in a local veteran last minute – he ended up bringing a trumpet and providing hours of laughter and entertainment for all. We would take road trips along the east coast often, with little warning to pack more than a toothbrush. These spontaneous decisions to live more fully has translated into how they do business in every way. They have chosen products that are designed to share moments and adventures year-round. 

Since it is always time to celebrate and share – that just means December is extra special! Each day this month I encourage you to live like it’s Saturday night. Prioritize what and who’s important to you, think about how you can give back to others - and remind them with a gift from Piper and Dune.

Merry Christmas to everyone, may your life be filled with unexpected moments that excite you.

Sarah and the Piper and Dune Family

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