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Thanksgiving Hostess Gifts 2023

Thanksgiving Hostess Gifts 2023

As Thanksgiving 2023 approaches, it’s time to express your gratitude for the wonderful host or hostess opening their home to friends and family for this special holiday. A thoughtful hostess gift can show your appreciation and help express your gratitude this holiday season…

A classic choice of gourmet food and drink can be a delightful addition to the Thanksgiving feast or a treat for the host and hostess to enjoy after the holiday has passed. Consider items like Artisanal chocolates, a bottle of fine wine, locally sourced honey or jam, or specialty coffee or tea. Try for a classic Thanksgiving addition of New England-style Cranberry Sauce. At Piper and Dune, our staff is happy to help our customers in-store or online to create a beautiful basket of goodies with all of our artisan eats, locally sourced from Connecticut or throughout New England. Here is an idea that we have found our customers and recipients love.

Pair our Connecticut Pancake Mix with either Wonderland Jams, or opt for classic maple syrup also made in Connecticut. This bundle is perfect for Sunday brunch with the family, getting everyone involved in yummy food that is locally made.

Help your hostess create a warm and inviting atmosphere by gifting Thanksgiving-themed decorations. Piper and Dune has some sweet and subtle centerpieces perfect for any home. Consider decorative candles for the table, festive tea towels, or seasonal centerpieces

Try matching an artisan resin Lazy Susan made in Connecticut with some Beeswax dipped tapers and of course a decorative Turkey Centerpiece for the table. This gift is both simple and functional, perfect for any home!

Thanksgiving can be a hectic time, so pamper your hostess with relaxation-focused gifts. Piper and Dune has options for anybody, from a Holiday Scented Candle to a Cozy Throw Blanket

Try putting together a small soap and lotion set; both functional and thoughtful. Piper and Dune are proud to carry Shore Soap Company, pair their soap, lotion, and candle in the scent Jack Frost for the perfect holiday touch to any powder room.

Are you traveling for Thanksgiving? Bring the gift of home to your hostess! Piper and Dune carries a variety of souvenirs made by Team Piper! New England and Connecticut mugs, tea towels, magnets, stickers, and of course, our favorite cozy Connecticut Crewnecks, embroidered on plush blue fabric made in the USA. 

Pair two of our mugs with some hot cocoa and Connecticut-made gourmet marshmallows, and you have just created the perfect night-in for the holidays.

Sometimes a heart-felt note of thanks can be the most meaningful gift of all. Express your gratitude in a handwritten card and include it with any other gift you choose. 


This Thanksgiving, make sure to acknowledge the hard work and hospitality of your host or hostess with a thoughtful and appreciated gift. Whether you opt for gourmet treats, self-care, or something special from home, your gesture will surely warm their hearts and add to the spirit of Thanksgiving.


Not sure what to give? Piper and Dune will gladly help you choose a thoughtful gift your host or hostess will love.


Don’t forget to stop in the store to see all of the NEW HOLIDAY merchandise that has taken over, we are so excited, we unboxed over 15 packages in the last two days alone. Additionally, next week is our first LIVE! Tune in on social media on Friday, November 10th to explore all of our favorite FESTIVE FINDS for the Holiday Season. Next week Amanda and Sophia will be covering all of our favorite autumn items, we are sure you’ll love it.


Happy Shopping and see you soon!

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Emma, Chris, and the Piper and Dune Family


P.S. Don’t forget to change your clocks this weekend… “fall back”

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