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We Love A Good Cause!

We Love A Good Cause!

At Piper and Dune we love businesses that stand for something. For those that know me, you know I’ve spent my career in Marketing and I’m a bit of a business geek. I especially love the psychology behind shopping, colors and how they affect your mood, the differences between generations of people and how all these things inspire and motivate us to buy for different reasons. Forward thinking companies get that and use ‘Cause- related Marketing’ strategies to give free products, services, or profits to benefit a nonprofit charity, or it supports a social cause in some way to attract customers. These companies might give a certain amount of money to a cause they are interested in when a consumer buys their product(s). Philanthropy - on the other hand, is the generous act of sending your hard earned pennies to a charity. Brands hope to identify with their consumers, they hope consumers will be more loyal because their values align with their own- it’s a more passionate and heartfelt buy especially on behalf of Millenials. In this day and age we all have choices to make when shopping. We decide to shop wherever we want, for whatever we want, and whenever we want. These cause related businesses demonstrate their values to their customers and it can be both meaningful as well as engaging. It’s a nice way for brands to ‘give back’ through their actions. It’s a way for shoppers to make even a small difference as they go about their business. 


At Piper and Dune we strive to buy from these brands the same way you buy those brands from Piper and Dune. Here's a few of the brands that we buy from and how they are giving back:



Rockflowerpaper (bags, tunics and more) Eco-Friendly

5 cents per bag donated to Ocean Conservancy, a total of $95,000 donated to date

MAHI Leather Products

MAHI Leather takes its name from the Mahi River. The coordinates, posted are 22° N, 72° E, represent the mouth of the river, where it joins the Arabian Sea in Gujarat, India. For many this is a sacred river and in a country where 103 million people lack safe water its significance is more than symbolic; that’s why MAHI Leather donates $1.50 from every sale to FRANK Water (Registered Charity No. 1121273), a UK based charity which has helped nearly 400,000 people in 549 communities gain access to clean water since 2005. 

Lunch City Studios Prints

One Tree Planted for Each Sale

Sea Love Soy Candles

Eco-friendly - In addition to providing natural and clean burning candles, they source all materials through suppliers who provide eco-friendly alternatives to packing, production, and fulfillment. They make phthalate-free candles which are safe for skin, babies, and pets. Their jars can be repurposed too- just soak them in hot water and use them for decoration, small planters (air plants are a fave!), cocktail glasses, etc.

Piper and Dune Goods

Donations made to a variety of local charities Donations plus $2 for every flag sold to Griffin John Namin Foundation; donations to The Pink Chair Project.

Captain Blankenship (Health + Beauty)

1% For the Planet, B Corp., Hudson River Watershed, Green Wave, Leaping Certified Bunny Certification (Animal Cruelty Free), Eco-Friendly

Well Told Design (Etched rocks glasses, Flasks)

10% of our proceeds goes to supporting local communities, nation-wide. A portion of every purchase goes directly to one of our deserving charity partners, making every Well Told gift even more powerful. To date, they have supported more than 200 non-profit organizations of all sizes and causes across the United States, from small local animal shelters to public schools to national organizations like Habitat for Humanity.

Alimrose (Baby and Children’s goods)

The Bear Cottage, New South Wales and Save The Children

Coconut Bowls (and other products)

On July 1st 2019 - Coconut Bowls became a verified member of 1% for the planet, where 1% of our annual revenue is directly invested into approved environmental initiatives certified by 1% for the planet.

Tree of Life Tree Farm (Maple Syrup)

Eco-Friendly, Tree Of Life Maple Farm is Organic Certified by MOFGA (Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Assoc.)

Smathers & Branson

Works with The Reading Glass Project – a US based nonprofit that was founded to help people whose diminished eyesight made it hard for them to work. Smathers & Branson purchases reading glasses from this organization and then during their annual visit to Vietnam, they give eye exams and distribute the glasses in the rural areas where our work is done. Also, they work with Sumerra, an international auditing, education, and consulting firm who is helping to improve the life of the everyday worker while reducing risks to the environment, local communities and people. Commitment to Corporate Responsibility.

EXCLUSIVE OFFER TO OUR BLOG READERS: Piper and Dune would like to reward our customers for buying from these socially responsible brands, use promo code “GIVEBACK20” when you shop one of these cause related brands and receive 20% off your next purchase between now and July 4, 2020. We hope you find something to make you smile!

Explore What Excites You,

Chris and The Piper and Dune Family


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