Kaffe Electric Coffee Grinder w/ Cleaning Brush - 3.5oz

Kaffe Electric Coffee Grinder w/ Cleaning Brush - 3.5oz

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The Kaffe electric coffee grinder provides a quick and efficient way to grind coffee beans or spices down to your desired preference for use with a French press coffee maker or coffee dripper set.

Grinding coffee beans immediately before use releases fragrant essential oils at the right moment to ensure maximum freshness, rich aroma for a full-bodied flavor and complex, satisfying coffee with the most delicious taste from the comfort of your own kitchen. 

We recommend grinding just enough beans for each use though, as this makes for the freshest coffee. This coffee bean and spice grinder has a capacity of up to 3 oz (70g) at a time, delivering the correct amount of coffee grounds to use for home or travel coffee dripper sets, you surely don’t have to worry about waking anyone up to make a cup of your favorite coffee.

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