Penguin Car Phone Holder + Charger | Mad Man

Penguin Car Phone Holder + Charger | Mad Man

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Streamlined and intuitive, the Penguin Car Phone Charger uses Qi Wireless SmartScan technology to automatically sense loading and unloading from your charger. 

Suitable for any smart phone between 4" - 6.3" wide

Use the Penguin lamp up your Smartphone safely and charge it fast so you can focus on the road while driving... This smart and cute car mount makes it convenient in the car to dock and lock your phone while you are on the go! It is very easy to install, just need to attach the built-in clamp to the car vent. As soon as you bring your phone closer to its touch sensors, the charger automatically opens its arms and hugs your phone soft and gently just like a Penguin to lock the phone securely and start charging it...

Don't risk life fidgeting with your phone while driving, use the Penguin Wireless Car Charger for your Smart Phone today!

Included are easy to install plugs and cable for the charger.