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A Flash SNOWDAY Coupon!

A Flash SNOWDAY Coupon!

A Heartfelt Valentine's Day Thank You from Piper and Dune!

Happy Valentine's Day! We trust this message finds you surrounded by love and warmth on this special day. We extend our deepest gratitude for joining us in celebrating Piper and Dune's 3rd Anniversary last Friday. We hope you enjoyed the event as much as we did.

As winter weather settles in these next two days, we encourage you to embrace the cozy atmosphere of being at home. With a potential snow day on the horizon, there's no need to brave the cold for Valentine's Day shopping. Piper and Dune has 100% of its store online, so snuggle up on your couch and explore what we have to offer on Plus, enjoy a 15% discount on your order from 2/12/24 to 2/14/24, courtesy of our snow day promo code: SNOWDAY. It's our way of making your Valentine's Day shopping experience extra special.

For our local friends in CT (Southbury, Woodbury, Middlebury, Oxford), we offer FREE delivery. Don't forget, you can drop us a note at checkout if you'd like your order beautifully wrapped – because every gift should feel special!

As we celebrate Valentine’s Day, have you ever wondered about the origins of this holiday? Beyond the obvious celebration of love, here are a few factoids:

  • In 2024, around 53 percent of respondents in the United States planned to celebrate Valentine's Day.*
  • Valentine's Day traces its roots back to the ancient fertility festival called Lupercalia, celebrated in mid-February.
  • The identity of Saint Valentine is shrouded in historical mystery, with many historians believing him to be a priest with a soft spot for love.
  • Pope Gelasius designated February 14th as St. Valentine's Day in honor of Valentine and other martyrs.
  • The tradition of exchanging cards and letters began in the 15th century, evolving into the mass-produced Valentine's Day cards we know today by the 1840s.

From millions of cards exchanged to billions spent on chocolates and jewelry. It's a testament to the enduring importance of expressing love and affection.

Whether you love or loathe Valentine's Day, the numbers speak for themselves. It's a day to celebrate love, and people around the world are finding unique ways to express their affection.

No matter how you choose to spend Valentine's Day – whether you are seeing a show, having a homemade dinner, a spa night, or an indoor picnic, ice skating, playing games, watching romantic movies, or taking a New England "space ride" (a road trip to nowhere specific) – Piper and Dune has something special for you to show your loved ones how much you care.

Explore our Valentine’s Collection now, and we hope you find something that truly excites you.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Explore What Excites You,

Chris and Piper and Dune Family





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