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American Pride

American Pride

February isn’t the typical month associated with patriotism, but for me, it takes top billing next to Independence Day or Memorial Day.  For me, I’ve always appreciated any reason to celebrate this country - I share a birthday with Abraham Lincoln after all... Growing up in rural Connecticut, we would get the day off from school followed by Washington’s birthday the following week. Later, the two holidays were combined into President’s Day; which most people look at as a long weekend which allows families to come together for ski trips or beach getaways alike. Either way, we were to celebrate our founding fathers and for me, that meant celebrating the United States of America.


This past weekend was the Daytona 500 in Florida, and whether or not you are a racing fan is irrelevant! If you love this country as much as I do, there’s no arguing that NASCAR does a better job than almost any other group to embrace the USA spirit. Over the years I’ve attended a few races with Matt and our close friends. I promise you there is nothing more exciting than when you watch our proud U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds perform the flyover at Daytona 500- your heart literally races with excitement. Six heroic pilots fly their F -16 jets between 18 inches and three feet apart in a delta formation. Many operating in unison with the end of the national anthem is truly a humbling experience.

If you manage to take a glimpse at the crowd, the drivers and their children, you will be hard pressed to find another group of people that display their love for our country more than NASCAR fans - all seemingly sharing a belief and pride in our country. When Matt turned the race on this past Sunday, I found myself mesmerized watching the pre-race interviews - people watching and actually wishing I was there (even though I’m not really a NASCAR follower.) 

During this swift Sunday afternoon, your support of the current presidential cabinet was a moot point. The stands came together, united by their love of the sport. Watching AirForce One buzz over the stadium, and the children’s choir from River Springs Middle School singing “God Bless America” was the first time in a long while that I felt this divided country come together to express a shared common pride in this amazing country and it was fantastic.  

While the Presidential holidays have changed over the years, it is my hope that we express our sense of patriotism whenever possible and what I felt as a small child each February isn’t lost on us. Piper and Dune stands for freedom and equality, and we want all of our customers to feel lucky to live in this country, and join us by taking part in the Piper and Dune dream. 

Take a moment to browse our American Pride collection to find something red, white and blue and make every day a remembrance of how lucky we are to live in the greatest country in the world. Also, in honor and in memory of Griffin Namin, who loved this country so much and who coincidentally had a birthday this week, we want to to offer you 20% off our American Flags which are made in this country- in Maine. Piper and Dune donates $2 for every flag sold to the Griffin John Namin Foundation. Use Promo Code GRIFFIN at checkout - valid now through February 29. 


Chris and the Piper and Dune Family

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