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Fall in New England- It's Apple Picking Time!

Fall in New England- It's Apple Picking Time!

There is nothing like Fall in New England and at Piper and Dune, there's no season we love more... Be sure to take the time to get outside and experience all the fun activities waiting outside your door. Pick a day when there's no Pop Warner football, cross country or soccer games. Or, if that's not possible and you have an away game, plan a visit to an apple orchard after one of these events. I used to keep a change of clothes and a bucket of wipes in the car to clean up afterwards. Plan ahead, pack some sandwiches and snacks and make a beeline for the nearest apple orchard. 

It is a magical time for family fun! It’s time to break out those toasty sweaters (check out our Kiel James Patrick's sweaters - they are ideal!) and get to an orchard to pick apples. New England’s tranquil small towns offer hundreds of orchards featuring everything from hayrides to cider to pumpkins and apples by the peck, bushel and u-pick, plus a wide variety of other goodies like jams & jellies. You’ll find everything you’d expect an apple orchard to look like and offer in that old-time New England way!

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