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Honoring the Ultimate Caretaker: Mom

Honoring the Ultimate Caretaker: Mom

Honoring the Ultimate Caretaker: Mom - A Tribute to the Strong Women Who Shape Us!

Don’t forget to celebrate “the Mom” in your life on Sunday May 12th. I’m fortunate to have been raised by the most amazing Mom… while I’ve written about her before, I’m happy to do it again. It goes without saying that she’s amazing - she’s the ultimate caretaker, she oversees the care of her brother, and for years my Dad and my brothers and me before that.  She is kind and giving… she would give her last penny to a stranger, and has - seriously! 

She grew up in a family with four brothers which has made her fiercely independent. She has taught me, my daughter Sarah and nieces Amanda and Meghan to be strong independent women and the men and boys to be respectful, kind and supportive of women. She taught us that we all have talent, so use it and be brave, don’t be afraid to take risks. Growing up she insisted that we think for ourselves. She wanted us to be educated and to never stop learning.  Our family owes everything to her; she’s our rock and our greatest supporter. She’s our family’s inspiration to work hard, to care for others, and to be strong even when we don’t think we have it in us. Like so many others, we’ve been dealt some difficult cards in life. She taught us to trust in God and to support your family, no matter what. My brothers and I feel so lucky to have been raised by such an amazing and inspirational woman.

This Sunday May 12th is Mother’s Day. So, whomever you call “Mom” - whether it’s your Birth Mom, Step Mom, Grandmother, Your Aunt, Your Godmother … this is your reminder to do something special for her and treat her right. I’m sure your “Mom” deserves a little pampering :) If your mom has passed, do something to honor her memory… make her favorite meal, plant a flower, look at some old pictures and think of her. 

Moms are the core of the family. They typically put their family’s needs before their own. So, be sure to recognize her selfless nature and show her some love this Mother’s Day- shop our collection online at

Be sure to give your “Mom” a little extra attention this Mother’s Day. Plus, who doesn’t love some a little special they wouldn’t buy themselves. Perhaps some a new beach cover-up, a new bag or personal care products? Even better if they are delivered in person!

Discover heartfelt Mother's Day gift ideas and ways to honor the influential women in your life. Explore our collection online at or visit our store in Southbury, CT.

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