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Piper and Dune Strives to Be Inclusive

Piper and Dune Strives to Be Inclusive

Being overweight is not fun or healthy for anyone despite Hollywood’s attempt to normalize it.  I mean yes, it’s important not to discriminate because of weight, but it isn’t good for you and it isn’t going to make you as happy as being fit. I can say this with total confidence, because I have spent my whole life yo-yo dieting— gaining and losing 30 lbs. at a time. There’s always 3 sizes of clothes in my closet at any given time- perhaps some of you can even relate! Sometimes I am tempted to get rid of those bigger size clothes once I drop a few, but I usually convince myself to keep at least a small selection of them- just in case I gain the weight back or because I paid so much for them. Most of my friends do an excellent job of staying fit and taking care of themselves, but sadly that’s not in my family’s DNA! And, after all these years, I’m still trying to figure out how they do it and how I can change my lifestyle to be more healthy and stop the cycle. That said, I am overweight and I don’t like being singled out because of it, and I don’t think people should be shamed because of it.


Today it has become more acceptable to be large, in fact there are women of all different shapes and sizes  in roles on TV and models gracing magazine covers. They promote positive healthy images and confidence. When I was  a chubby 10-year old I can remember my mom taking me to Sears and Roebuck (they were the only store at the time where I could buy size 10Plus kids clothes; my brother wore the equivalent boys husky clothes). My mom would try and make me feel better about shopping there by telling me that having bigger cut clothes which would be more comfortable, you know, “they’d give me a little extra breathing room.” Then, there was shopping on vacation and not finding the right size T-shirt. Thankfully by high school I slimmed down, but the years after college through today, my weight continues to go up and down. Each time my goal is the same, not to be a specific weight, I just don’t want to shop in the “Plus” department. Listen, it’s awful. The clothes are boxy, and too short. I am still dumbfounded how they have so many sleeveless tops for women who don’t have Michelle Obama arms. All I want is to wear the same styles as everyone else and shop in the same section. Segregating the chubbiest to a back corner in the store is really humiliating. Things have gotten so much better in recent years, but it’s still not great out there.


At this point in my life,  I consider myself an expert in weight loss and being overweight. I am very sensitive to shopping and wanting to “fit -in” or just be like everyone else. Shopping for a gift for someone out of the normal size range should be available in the same cool, trendy fashions! That’s why It is important for me that Piper and  Dune carry extended sizes, where possible. Piper and Dune tries to find vendors that sell Plus sizes, but not everyone has made the leap yet. There are two areas where we have done a good job in meeting our goal and we hope to improve on this over time. Check out our Sterling Silver jewelry - most ring styles are available in sizes 5-13 and our T-shirts range from XS-3X


Please don't hesitate to write to me and share your stories or suggestions, I’d love to hear from you. I hope you are able to find health and happiness in the New Year!


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Chris and the Piper and Dune Family


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