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Who’s Ready for a Road Trip?

Who’s Ready for a Road Trip?

Do you love a good road trip as much as I do? My husband Matt has his Mom’s old 1988 Mustang Convertible - breaking it out of our barn on a beautiful day puts our love of day tripping into high gear.  Even before we had the Mustang, we loved to get out on the road and travel anywhere, anytime. Each year our family travels together on vacation (2020 being the exception, of course,) and we’re usually stuffed into a big Suburban or a Passenger Van of some sort. My mother-in-law used to require that we were all in the same vehicle or the trip just wouldn’t be the same and we somehow continue to follow that rule. A good road trip playlist can turn even the most boring drives into a mobile party. Usually my son, Patrick “takes the aux” and queues up nostalgic crowd pleasers. His songs are classics, ones everyone knows the words to. He tends to like a little rock sprinkled in with a little bit of country. We definitely prefer sing-alongs to wake up the driver! If you are planning a trip soon, here are some websites to check out. You can even download your playlist on Spotify for those “no service” pockets - 

With fall upon us, there is no better time of the year to travel the winding back roads of New England. Brew some coffee in your travel mug and try out a Sunday Fun Day “space” ride (that’s what we call an impromptu day trip with friends - it’s a trip to nowhere specific) to mix up the monotony of everyday life. Changing the scenery, seeing new things, and finding a new place for lunch is good for the soul! There are so many beautiful rides to take right here in New England. If you need some inspiration, pick up a map, Connecticut 169 book or even a copy of Yankee Magazine’s New England Adventures book

Don’t forget to pack a bag, a cooler, some silipints, some coozies, and allow yourself to be spontaneous. There are many times when we've been prepared to take a ride and we pack a duffel bag or an overnight bag like the Dock & bay Foldable Bag. This way we can be spontaneous if we just don’t want to leave a place we’ve stumbled upon. One thing that’s a must on all of our road trips is our super cozy cuddle throw! Have fun planning your next adventure. Whether you are planning to pick apples or pumpkins, do a corn or sunflower maze, sip some cider and donuts, go hiking or just look at the fall foliage, it’s a great time for a road trip.

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