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Get Lost In The Magic Of A Corn Maze

Get Lost In The Magic Of A Corn Maze

What could be more delightful than spending a fall day in the New England countryside, immersing yourself in timeless autumn pastimes like apple picking, pumpkin patching, and wandering through sprawling corn mazes on a crisp September afternoon?

For those of us who live in southern New England, we get to experience fall for a little bit longer than our friends to our north and east. While the fall foliage is always fall’s main event, we think you might enjoy another remarkable experience - getting lost in a corn maze! To help you make the most of this season, here’s a compilation of the finest corn mazes in Connecticut (see the links below for the other New England states) and Explore What Excites You:

🌽Treat Farm - Treat Farm offers a fantastic fall experience with hayrides, pumpkin picking, and a challenging 6.5-acre corn maze. Solve trivia questions, follow markers, and try the maze at night during Flashlight maze events. Cash is handy for fresh produce and decorations 🍎. New Haven also offers additional fun activities. 

🌽Fort Hills Farm - Located in Connecticut's Quiet Corner, Fort Hills Farms is a year-round attraction that truly shines in autumn, With a 7-acre themed maze, a smaller accessible maze, and Flashlight Nights, it offers diverse corn maze experiences. The Lavender Creamery serves Farmer’s Cow ice cream surrounded by on-site grown lavender. Don’t miss the Pumpkin Library  for choosing your Halloween pumpkin 🎃. 

🌽Ekonk Hill Turkey Farm - At Ekonk Hill Turkey Farm, beyond the turkeys 🦃, you’ll find an extensive corn maze full of twists and turns. Enjoy a hayride to the barn where you can meet the farm’s namesake animals. The farm store offers snacks, sandwiches, and Brown Cow Café ice cream. For added excitement, there are nighttime mazes requiring flashlights for those who enjoy navigating in the dark. 

🌽March Farms - In autumn, March Farm offers apple and pumpkin picking along with a 5-acre corn maze. Live music 🎶 often accompanies the experience. The interactive maze features theme-related questions that guide you through. After your maze adventure, visit the Farm Store for fresh produce and delectable treats like cider donuts. 🍩 March Farm also has an animal yard and Hayloft Playscape for young visitors. 

Here’s a few more in Connecticut, and we haven’t forgotten the rest of New England, here are some links to more Corn Mazes:


New Hampshire


Rhode Island


So whether you're seeking family fun, a romantic date, or a solar escape into nature’s splendor, get outside, play in a corn maze, and experience all that fall has to offer. Make some lasting memories while embracing the crisp fall air and rustling leaves beneath your feet. 

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We hope to see you soon and Happy Fall-ing!

Explore What Excites You,

Emma, Chris, and the Piper and Dune Family 


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