Rheos Polarized, Floating Sunglasses

Comfort. Strength. Clarity. These Floating Sunglasses by Rheos are light as a feather, tough as a rock and clearer than glass. Select collection by Southern Tide as well!

Best of All Worlds... with 100% UV Nylon Optic lenses, you get the clarity of glass lenses without the drawbacks of breakage and shatter.

Lenses for every sport and occasion... All lenses offer premium polarization, 100% UV protection and are equipped with a range of VLT that will keep you protected in any environment.

VLT, Visible Light Transmission, measures the amount of light transmitted through a lens. Low VLTs offer a darker tint and higher VLTs offer a lighter tint. Different environments from fishing to golf to beach lounging, benefit from various Abbe Value measures the lens material's dispersion of light, or clarity. The higher the number the clearer the lens.

  • A lens with a low abbe value creates a higher dispersion and can cause unwanted optical distortion (blurriness). A lens with a high abbe value has a lower value of chromatic aberration, which in turn creates less blurriness and optical distortion. Dispersion occurs due to the fact that the lens is unable to focus all visible colors into one focal point. We had our lenses tested by a third party lab and the results are clear... with an abbe value of 52 our Nylon Optics are clearer than glass. Percentages of VLT for optimal vision and performance.