Franklin Flannels - Unisex

Franklin Flannels give vintage flannel shirts a second chance by artistically reverse dying and softening them one shirt at a time.

They believe in sustainability – nothing is ever wasted, that beauty lies in stories – thus vintage flannels. They see beauty in what others might toss aside. They believe that comfort should also be fashionable – no two flannels are alike.

Franklin Flannels began with an experiment, one vintage flannel shirt, and a talented artist. Dominic is a true creative and the artist behind Franklin Flannels. He is 100% dedicated to breathing new life into vintage flannel. In his words, “I read the shirt, and then decide what colors to bring to the surface.”

Only an artist understands this, but the outcome of reading the shirt is discovering the most beautiful hidden colors that lie beneath the surface. Our flannels move through our Signature softening process and the outcome is the softest one-of-a-kind flannel available today.